short girl gigging struggles

You finally get tickets to see your favourite band live, and you can’t wait. Except, the thing that slips your mind every time you buy tickets for a gig is the fact that you’re not actually going to be able to see anything…because you’re so small, and everyone else is so tall.

The tall person with no heart (or brain) in front of you

You arrive at the gig and are delighted that you can see the stage, even if it is through a gap between two people’s shoulders. But five minutes before the band are due grace the stage, Godzilla comes and stands directly in front of you, blocking the mediocre view you had. So instead of watching the band, you get a lovely view of the sweat patch on the back of his shirt.

The rude people that push into you

No one can move anywhere, so why do people feel the need to push? They’re either pushing to get to ‘their mate Lucy at the front’ – yeah right, you probably don’t even know anyone called Lucy. Or they’re pushing because they are too drunk to realise that there is a small person struggling to catch a glimpse of the stage.


The people who constantly ask if you’re okay

Because you are small, sometimes, people feel like they need to look after you. However, you make it clear to them, that you are a grown woman, and not in fact a child – although you quite obviously look like one to other people. So, yes you are okay, and no, you don’t need a bodyguard.

The people that constantly make remarks about your height

As a petite woman, you’ve been small your whole life. It’s nothing new to you, and you don’t know any different. So when people make comments like “aww you’re so small” and “I feel sorry for you, because you can’t see anything” whilst getting down to your level to experience your view of the show, it is understandably annoying.

The jealousy you feel towards the people who can actually see 

You find yourself becoming a bitter human being, and instead of watching the band, begin staring angrily at those who can see the entire stage and everything that is going on. He did a backflip over the drum kit? Yeah, not that bothered anyway…

The way you give up trying to see, and try to soak up the atmosphere

You’re tired, and can’t be bothered jumping to see anymore. You close your eyes, listen and enjoy the show. Perhaps you should’ve just stayed at home – you would’ve been less sweaty, less beer soaked and less moody.