Buying clothes is one of most girls’ favourite past times. Just browsing the rails of your most beloved boutique can fill you with euphoria. But, if you’re a petite girl, what is normally a fun-filled task, can turn into a stressful chore. Because when it comes to shopping for clothes in the “normal size” section, nothing fits us short girls. And even though some shops boast a petite section, they’re often just not up to scratch…

You can forget even looking at regular sized trousers, skirts or dresses

You don’t feel that much smaller than the average person, but as soon as you try on clothes made for those who don’t lack height, you realise that you are basically a borrower, and feel stupid for even believing you could fit in regular length clothes without looking like you’re a child dressed in your mother’s clothes.

Despite the previous point, sometimes you think it might be alright to buy regular length jeans, but you’re wrong

Instead of the trend roll up at the bottom of your jeans, you end up rolling them up about 200,000 times and end up with massive lumps at the bottom of your jeans that, are not only an eye sore, but, could actually be classed as a safety hazard

Who modelled this ‘petite’ item? The BFG?

You have resorted to shopping in the petite section because everything else drowns you, and thank god they’ve got that dress you love in stock. You try it on, only to realise that this also makes you look like a child wearing your mother’s clothes. Who modelled this? A petite model? Yeah right!

You can’t understand why petite section clothes aren’t cheaper

Less material is used for petite clothes, so why are they still the same price as the normal sized clothes? It makes no sense. Yes, someone has still taken the time to make the item, but surely shorties deserve some sort of (small) discount? Kids clothes are cheaper, and there’s no added VAT – it’s not our fault we didn’t have a growth spurt at the age of 12, like most people.

Some of the clothing rails are so high 

We’ve all been to a shop where the rails are abnormally high. But you just wouldn’t expect it of a petite section – perhaps they don’t realise that most small people can’t even get into the top cupboard in their kitchen without and step ladder or a leg-up.  It’s almost like some sort of game for the shop assistants, watching petite shoppers run and jump for the denim skirt on the top rail, making bets on how long it’ll be until they ask for help.

You begin to believe your life, and your height is one big joke

After searching through the often-disappointing petite sections online, you think you’re onto a winner when you find something in your size, that you like, and it’s in stock. However, when your jeans arrive, you realise they have actually been made for a giant. They are not petite at all – in fact, quite the opposite. Looks like they were all having a right laugh in the stockroom sending a petite girl length 36″ jeans, instead of petite length 28″.