Finding jeans to fit when you’re a petite lady is possibly one of the biggest short girl struggles of all. I can remember the stress I experienced as a short, plump child every time I attempted to find jeans to fit me in the kid’s section. Not only were they all too long, it was hard to find a pair that wasn’t too tight either. The experience got so stressful for me that my mum decided she would have to start making jeans for me because my 10-year-old, short and round stature wasn’t catered for on the high street. Fast forward 15 years and I do sometimes still feel like that short, plump girl trying to find clothes to fit, but the introduction of petite ranges in lots of high street stores has, I would say, changed my life – especially when shopping for jeans.

Where to find petite jeans

As well as some of my own top petite jeans picks, I spoke to some fabulous petite fashion and lifestyle bloggers to get their thoughts on where to find the best jeans for petite women. I've rounded it down to what myself and my fellow petite contributors have found to be the top three UK high street petite stockists. 

ASOS Petite

Some of my favourite petite jeans across the years have been from the dearly beloved, ASOS. Without the ASOS Petite section, my collection of jeans definitely wouldn't be up to scratch. Offering a range of different petite brands, alongside its own petite range, ASOS stocks a variety of petite jeans in plenty of styles, sure to satisfy the needs of any short girl.

Here's a collection of some of my top ASOS picks...

New Look Petite

In the last year, I have been extremely impressed with New Look's offering of petite jeans. So much so that I actually now own three pairs - each a different style. New Look's petite range of jeans includes a variety of staple and on-trend styles, which chop and change throughout the seasons.

Here's some of my favourite petite picks for this season...

Elizabeth Allcock, Call Me Liz

Since the age of 16 and being 5ft 1 ½ (that half makes all the difference!) I really struggled when it came to finding jeans to fit my diminutive stature, they were either too long or too short and I could find no in-between length, but as time has passed, high street stores started to improve their petite ranges, especially New Look. Online they now have over 36 different styles and colours meaning there are lots to choose from. Plus, when they have a sale in-store it's easy to find them as they have a petite section - this is where I picked up these embroidered cut-out skinny jeans for just £12! My top tips for petite girls is to try the jeans on: focus on the fit more than size on the hanger and opt for skinny or straight styles as they tend to suit us better.


*No longer available online, but still in store at a reduced price*

Topshop Petite

The very first petite jeans I ever purchased were from Topshop - the famous black Jamie jeans. These continued to be my go-to petite jeans for the next couple of years before I started looking further afield. I'm happy to say that the Topshop Petite range is still going strong and offers plenty of stylish petite denim for little legs.

Here are some of my favourite Topshop Petite picks...

Leanne Dempsey, Little Babble

When it comes to figure-hugging-yet-flattering jeans, in my opinion, there’s none better than Joni Jeans from Topshop. They’re the kind of jeans that you can wear for almost any occasion; pair with a dressy top and heels for a night out or a t-shirt and converse for daytime and you’re set. Being petite though, it’s not always just about the hips and waist fit, it’s the length that matters, too. The petite Joni jeans fit my shorter legs perfectly, with no bunching and - even better - they don’t drag on the floor!


Now you've got some short girl denim inspo, it's time to go and treat yourself to a brand new pair of nicely fitting petite jeans. If you happen to have any favourite petite picks that weren't featured in this post, feel free to let me know. Happy shopping!

  • Thanks for including me, Hannah! 🙂

    I’m so glad that more places on the high street are adding petite ranges as well. I remember as a teenager all my jeans being frayed at the bottom from dragging on the floor – nightmare! xx

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