difference between cute sexy

‘There are two types of girls: cute, and sexy – and you are cute,’ a boy once told me.

Maybe it’s my petite stature, maybe it’s my immature sense of humour,  or maybe it’s because I look like a child when I’m not wearing any makeup, but one thing is for sure – I’ll never be sexy.

I’ll admit that I’ve never really tried that hard to be sexy. I’m not the kind of girl that’ll don heels and knee highs as a surprise for my boyfriend when he gets home from work – but I’ll make him a meal and give him a massage. I’m not the kind of girl that’ll give a man a look across the bar that’ll make him want to leave his wife for a night of passion — well, I mean, I could try but he’d laugh in (and at) my ‘cute’ face.

If you are always referred to as cute, and you wish you could be sexy, it’s time you realise that it’s okay to not be sexy. In fact, you’re better off staying cute.

You can’t fake sexy

Sexy isn’t something you can try, or even learn to be — you either are or you aren’t, and sexy women usually know they are sexy. Women that are sexy hold themselves in a different way to cute girls — there’s a certain air of confidence surrounding them, a confidence that says, ‘I can get any man in this room’. While, yes, she probably could get the attention of any man because of her ‘sexiness’, she probably wouldn’t be the girl a man would take home to his parents, or would want to commit to a long term relationship with.

Men like cute girls

The fact that sexy girls catch the attention of guys in bars, doesn’t mean that men look through cute girls. Ask any man the difference between sexy and cute, and they’ll probably tell you that one of those words is purely related to looks and sex appeal, while the other is the personality, the quirks and the (normally natural) looks. One Reddit user, in response to a girl’s confusion after being called cute by a guy, explained the difference, ‘Sexy is the girl you want to fuck the brains out of. Cute is the girl you want to wake up to every morning and take home to meet your parents. Cute > sexy.’

Be comfortable in your own cute skin

The thing is, there are cute girls, there are sexy girls – and there’s a whole lot in between. Each girl has been given the appearance and personality that suits them – if a cute girl tried to be sexy, she’d probably look a bit ridiculous, and feel very uncomfortable (think Bridget Jones awkwardness).

So, yes, I’ll never be sexy, and yes, I’ll always look like Dora the Explorer when I’ve got a backpack on. But, as a 25-year-old, grown-up baby-woman, I’m okay with that. And all the petite girls, frustrated with the ‘cute’ label should be too, because it’s okay to be cute. Besides, wouldn’t you rather be the girl he wants to wake up to every morning and take home to his parents? Thought so.

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